A Secure Wallet and a Fully Fledged Exchange in one

Buy. Store. Exchange. Secure.

Ultimate Choice for All

The PLAAK Exchange is a secure platform
allowing you to buy and sell coins and store
them in a wallet.

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Buy Coins using your Card

PLAAK now offers fiat capability. You can
now buy coins using your card.

Private keys are yours!

We let you manage your wallets’ private keys. This adds an extra layer of security on your end.

Secure! Scalable!

Highest KYC

PLAAK has the highest KYC (Know Your Client) level, ensuring that PLAAK filters out possible criminal users that may harm the integrity of the community platform.

Highest Speeds

PLAAK will have one of the fastest exchange, payment and wallet transfer speed in the world once we integrate these technologies together.

Highest Security

Other than the 2FA the app is also backed by a wild card SSL certificate which secures the connection between the user's browser and PLAAK.

Slick Friendly Design

PLAAK Exchange platform is designed to be easy to use and highly secure. Designed with
the most sophisticated technology.

A Fully Fledged Exchange
and Wallet in One.
Invest in PLAAK’s ICO to support us.